The Women's Giving Circle of Howard County

Why Donate?


Together, WGC donors are harnessing our philanthropic resources, insights and acumen to help women and girls realize their potential by promoting self-sufficiency and empowerment. We share a tremendous sense of pride in having forged a collaborative approach to philanthropy which is helping each one of us to leverage our charitable dollars to make a difference.

There are wide variety of benefits to becoming a donor to the WGC, including:

  • The opportunity to leverage your charitable dollars for change
  • Having a greater understanding of community needs and services
  • The opportunity to learn more about grantmaking
  • Networking opportunities with people of shared values
  • Receiving ongoing information, statistics and opportunities to connect
  • Receiving invitations to the WGC’s Annual Meeting, programs and other events
  • Participation in an organization of women empowering other women and girls
  • Opportunity to be a part of a powerful wave of philanthropy in Howard County

What does your philanthropic investment do? 

Here’s a brief snapshot – WGC has:

  • Invested nearly $250,000 in grants in women and girls in Howard County
  • Helped numerous women in financial crisis through emergency grants to selected nonprofit organizations
  • Reached the neediest of women through the WGC’s Emergency Response Network
  • Helped over 30 women improve their career possibilities through a financial aid fund for women taking job-related courses at Howard Community College
  • Addressed body image issues through programs like the “How Do I Look?” workshop attended by girls and their mothers
  • Taken over 240 young women on a journey of self discovery about what it means to be a woman, through the Journey summer camp for middle and high school girls
  • Introduced young women to career professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Educated girls about financial planning and independence through a Junior Achievement program
  • Attracted over 1000 donors committed to making a difference through gifts and pledges totaling over $1.1 million!

Donor Privacy Policy:

1) The Community Foundation of Howard County and the Women’s Giving Circle respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. Your name and personal contact information will not be sold, shared or otherwise disclosed with/to any other organization, public, private, or non-profit.

If you prefer to be listed as Anonymous, or if you wish to opt out from certain communications, please contact us at, or at 410-730-7840.

2) The WGC’s use of information in our newsletter, website, and other published documents is for the purpose of highlighting individual donors. If any WGC donor wishes to remain anonymous or not be associated with their gift amount, we honor this choice. Donors may contact us at to assure their wishes are recognized. All other donors will be recognized in this way by default.