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WGC’s Emergency Response Network (ERN) – Enhanced!

WGC’s Emergency Response Network (ERN) – Enhanced!

The WGC’s Emergency Response Network was created 15 years ago in response to the desire of many women to provide direct help to other women in need, in our community. WGC donors have addressed the specific needs of women clients identified by our nonprofit partner agencies serving women and girls in Howard County. These agencies include Hope Works, Grassroots, Healthy Families, Elder Services of Family and Children’s Services and FIRN. Since its inception, and under the visionary leadership of former WGC Advisory Board members Arlene Sheff and Kim Flyr, the ERN has assisted over 70 women and their children who benefited from nearly $50,000 from donors who responded to a call to action through WGC’s ERN.

We have recently enhanced the WGC’s ERN to make it easier for our donors to respond, and easier for our nonprofit partners to receive funds by updating our processes and broadening our network.

It’s easy, here’s how it is going to work for our donors:

  • We’ll announce a need from one of our nonprofit partners – what it is, and how much money is needed.
  • If you are receiving this monthly eNewsletter, you will receive WGC ERN announcements.
  • Those interested in taking action will make an online donation to the WGC Fund.
  • The WGC will remove requests as soon as the need has been met.
  • In the event that donations exceed the needed amount, the donation will be applied to a future need.
  • One check will be sent to our nonprofit partner.

We will soon be sending our first enhanced Emergency Response Network Request – stay tuned! In the meantime, learn more here.

And, we will be speaking at length about the ERN at our upcoming Happy Hour on July 17 – join us!

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