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3 Questions With … WGC Advisory Board Member Kim Agnor

3 Questions With … WGC Advisory Board Member Kim Agnor

Each month we are speaking to our donors to learn more about how they are participating in WGC efforts, and why it’s meaningful to them. This month, please meet WGC Advisory Board Member Kim Agnor:

1. How long have you been involved with the WGC, and what is your role now?

Barb Van Winkle introduced me to the WGC about six years ago. Barb asked if my daughter Rachel would be interested in the Young Women’s Giving Circle (YWGC). Rachel was very interested and participated in the program during her sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. Through this connection, I became more familiar with the WGC and was asked in 2015 to serve as treasurer for the advisory board. I currently hold that position and am also the chair of the WGC’s Youth Development Committee.

2. What is your favorite WGC grant or effort, and why?

My favorite WGC effort is all the work we do supporting middle school and high school aged girls in Howard County. We raise funds for JA Rising Women and the Journey Camp for Girls programs. Both of these programs increase life skills of girls and encourage their healthy development and personal authority. They also provide philanthropy and mentoring opportunities for women of all ages.

3. Why should women in Howard County give to the WGC and get involved in WGC efforts?

Women have come a long way, but we have further to go. We want to reach as many Howard County women and girls as we can through our wonderful initiatives. Of course, growing any non-profit like this requires funding and volunteers. We are so grateful to those who have already generously contributed their resources, time and talents to our efforts.

Kim welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions about the WGC – feel free to contact her!

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