The Women's Giving Circle of Howard County

Meet WGC’s New Chair, Megan Bruno!

Meet WGC’s New Chair, Megan Bruno!

meganbrunowgcphoto.jpgThe Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County (“WGC”) is off to a running start in 2014 and leading the pack is newly inducted chairman, Megan Bruno.

Megan has lived in Los Angeles, CA and New York; however, “home” is right here in Howard County, where she grew up. Megan’s passion for philanthropy and giving back to her community (locally and globally) began here, where she was surrounded by adults who advocated for social causes and were involved in political campaigns. It was, however, her mother who had the greatest impact on Megan’s life of philanthropy.

Ms. Bruno’s mother is a trailblazer who helped to establish an organization for like-minded women committed to women and girls and promoting female philanthropy. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder that several years later Megan would not only become involved with the organization, but also lead it.

As with all good leaders, Ms. Bruno “practices what she preaches” and seeks to instill the same values of community service, giving back, and helping others in her three children.

As the WGC’s new chairman, Ms. Bruno has big shoes to fill. But if there is one woman who is up to the challenge, it’s her! Megan has a focused vision for her WGC during her tenure. With the goal of building upon the path set before her, Ms. Bruno is championing several new initiatives.

First: donors, the Advisory Board heard you! WGC will focus on identifying issues that need to be addressed, underfunded initiatives and/or programs that have not fully implemented. Second, as any twenty-first century woman knows, “technology is where it is at.” The Board’s latest initiative, “Moving the WGC Forward,” is an effort to invite donors and friends to tell the organization how they have been touched by the Women’s Giving Circle with the hope of sharing these stories far and wide.

As if being the chairman of the WGC isn’t enough, Megan is also an entrepreneur (she has a photography business), chairs the Parents and Friends Association at Glenelg Country School, and serves on the Board of Directors for Girls on the Run of Central Maryland. How does she stay sane, you wonder? Megan spends time reading in the back corners of the Howard County East Branch Library, enjoying beach vacations, and exploring new cities with her family.

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